FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

MapMemo's Online help files can be downloaded as pdf. (450 kB)
Watch our new Overview movie to see MapMemo in action.


Can I move Memos on the Map?
Yes, if you hold the "shift"-key you can drag your memos to new positions on the map.



Where can I get geographical maps for MapMemo?
1.) One way is to use a route planing software and export parts of the included maps, according to the specific copyrights.
2.) Another way is to download free maps from the Internet.
3.) A third way is to do scans or photographs from your maps, but you always have to respect eventual copyrights.
Is there any elegant way to navigate in the map?
Press the space-bar and get - like in a lot of other applications - a hand-tool to drag the visible part of the map around.
There is also a small navigation window, where you can easily have an overview and also drag the visible part around.



If I lost a link between a Memo and its file, can I re-link the memo?
Use the re-link command in the menu or in the Info-window.



Can I print a MapMemo file?
We have been discussing this issue. What would a print help you, if you have a lot of memos and only see their pins? So far the best thing to do is, select all pins you need to see on your print, open them all together, sort the windows on your desktop and do a screenshot. In the near future we are planning a clever way to export a linked pdf-file.





What do I do if I don't want all of my files to be put in an Archive - for example if some files are to private to be send to somebody else?
If you make an Archive only those files are included which are on layers that are enabled. So make a new "private layer", move all your private Memos on it and deselect it when you archive.



Can I use my own icons?
Yes you can exchange our icons by your own ones. Send us an e-mail and we will describe it to you. It is not a one step procedure, but it's also not very complicated.



Can I send my MapMemo file to another computer or to a friend via the Internet?
Yes, but because MapMemo uses links to files you have to pack an Archive of your MapMemo file including all the linked files of all enabled layers, send this to the other computer and unpack the Archive on the new machine.
If the other Computer is not a Mac, you may use the "Export to Text" function to create a text-file or pdf, which is readable on every computer and also on some handhelds and smart-phones.