Demo version/ License

MapMemo gets distributed by download from our website only. So far MapMemo had 23210 downloads (updated once every month).

Free demo version - restrictions:
You can use it as a reader for MapMemo files with no restrictions, but if you start to edit your own files there is in fact a restriction: You can save only 3 different files and each individual file 3 times before you get asked to pay a license fee.

Buy a license for 25 € / $:
You get your personal license-key by sending us 25€ / $ - or even more than that if you think our software is worth supporting it. If there is any reason why you can't pay for the moment, please let us know.
Unusual for a 1-person-software-developing-house we are unable to do programming work and have to pay an external person for it. So it's not only time that we are investing for each release but also a substantial amount of money.

Version 3.0 is the first upgrade in the 3-year-history of MapMemo you have to pay for. We are asking you for the same amount like first time users 25€ or $25. But we would be glad to send you 2 license keys, one for you and the other one for any of your friends or colleagues. So you may split the costs for the license.


Please support us to develop MapMemo:
Use the following accounts to pay your license-fee:

Alexander Stengel
IBAN DE94 7015 0000 0017 2250 95
USt-IdNr.: DE179133339

Please pay in €, otherwise the EU transfer costs us 60% traffic charge.
To make sure we know about your payment, please send us also an E-mail with your name and the amount you paid to
Alexander Stengel
Stadtsparkasse München
701 500 00
Konto Nr.:
17 22 50 95
Bitte fügen Sie den Hinweis "Lizenzgebuehr fuer Mapmemo" ein. Senden Sie ausserdem eine e-mail mit Ihrem Namen und Ihrer e-mail Adresse an

Wir stellen Ihnen gerne eine Rechnung mit ausgewiesener MwSt., die Sie steuerlich geltend machen koennen.




Please use PayPal to pay your license-fee. With PayPal you can send money from your local bank account to our E-mail address. Please use the following E-mail address:

You can always take the risk and put some Euros or US-Dollars in an envelope and send it to:

Alexander Stengel


Woerthstr. 5

D-81667 Muenchen / Germany