The Future of MapMemo

There may be a way to integrate online mapping services like Google and Nokia Maps. But this feature will depend very much on the fees or the amount of map-based advertising that will come up the next year. We have postponed the next release of MapMemo to spring 2011.

MapMemo 3.0 (5/2007)

Map Layer:
MapMemo 3 can handle several layer of maps. Layer can be turned on and off, and it´s transparencies are adjustable.

Export to Text/ pdf
It also has a print-to-text function, which allows you to export your MapMemo file Memos into
a.) A Map jpeg with colored index-numbers for all Memos.
b.) A list of all Memos using the same colored index-numbers. The list is a standard text file, that can still be edited before you may print it to a pdf-file to carry along or send a away or use on computers with other operating systems than Macs.

New file format:
MapMemo 2.5 and older files get converted when used with MapMemo 3. They cannot be reopened in older versions of the software. Due to the new Map Layer we had to expand the file format.

Reorganized user-interface:
- Zoom centers on selected Memos
- Map Layer
- Optimized menu structure
- Transparency slider for Memo and Map layer

MapMemo 2.5 (3/2006)

Universal Application:
- MapMemo 2.5 has so called universal binaries, so it will run in native mode on both the Intel-Macs and all PowerPC Macs. Apple calls it a Universal Application and has prepared a special logo for it.

- Spotlight can now also search through MapMemo documents. It will find file-names and text used in the Info-windows.
- Selecting layers to be visible or not is now easier: A new context menu and a new Menu item allow you to select single , all or all other layers.

Using MapMemo unlicensed has new restrictions:
- The German tax law doesn't allow you to loose money with a business that has no "Gewinnerzielungsabsicht", the explicit will to earn money. So using MapMemo unlicensed has more restrictions now: You can only create 3 different MapMemo documents and you can only save them 3 times. Before you could create as many documents as you wanted and save them 5 times. But you can still use MapMemo as a reader forever without paying a cent.

- Zooming in a map now works correctly and doesn't loose it's center point.
- Opening more than 10 Info-Windows at a time doesn't crash the application.
- Relinking web-links has no more problems if you leave the field empty.



MapMemo 2.02 Features (8/2005)

- If you double-click on a Text-Memo and your Info-Window is closed, it will now open so you can see and read the according text. This was important for users which came new to the application: they often didn't understand what a Text Memo was, because they couldn't see anything happening.

MapMemo 2.01 Features (6/2005)

- Archives now work properly on other computers. (see issues Version 2.0)
- English Tutorial file included in the installer image works properly.
Tiger (Mac OS 10.4): MapMemo is now Tiger-compatible.

MapMemo 2.0 Features (5/2005)

Shareware: MapMemo is now Shareware. You can save every file 5 times before you have to license MapMemo and pay a fee. You can use MapMemo 2 as a reader for MapMemo files without any time-limit or feature-limit.
Archive: Make an archive file of your MapMemo file containing all the Memos which are linked to that Map. Select layers to be included in the archive. MapMemo archives can be transfered to other computers, backuped or published via download.
The Archive function duplicates the Map and all the linked files, re-links all of them and compresses a zip file of the whole construction. Whenever it gets unpacked on another computer it is again a fully functional MapMemo file.

WebMemo: You can now drag your web-links directly from your browser on the Map in order to link them to a place. MapMemo now links directly to the web and not only to your own hard-drives.

TextMemo: This type of Memo has no link to any other file but will only help you to add basic notes to a specific place on your Map without having to create an extra text-file in an external application.

Re-link Memos: You can now change the link of a Memo to a file or a web-address by relinking them to a new target.

Undo/Redo: Undo and redo are now integrated in MapMemo.

Open Recent: You can now open your recent MapMemo Files from a list in the menu.

Maps other than 72 dpi: MapMemo 2 handles Maps with dpi resolutions larger than 72-dpi correctly.

Help: MapMemo now has it's own detailed help.

Tutorial: MapMemo now comes with an english tutorial included in the installer. Other languages are available from the MapMemo website for download.

General improvement: Speed of the preview in the info-windows is much better now thanks to an integrated cache. Also the application behaves much quicker.

Modified pin icons: We did modify the pins a little bit to make work easier. TextMemos and WebMemos got their own variation of the red pin.