Ernst - Location manager
Ernst scans all articles about interesting buildings he finds in monthly Magazines and collects them in one worldwide MapMemo file. And every time he goes on a trip, he takes a look in his MapMemo file just to know which one of them are on the way or at least nearby.

Fanny - Industrial Designer
Fany is on the Milano Mobile Fair every year. She has a MapMemo file with a detailed map from Milan, where she puts all the relevant places addresses, events, restaurants, bars. She uses layers for every kind of information and comments for every year she went there.

Claude - Oldtimer fan
Claude is using MapMemo in order to remember when where and what about all the wiring in his quite antique Renault Alpine.

Monica - Gardening consultant
Monica is british but based in Rome, Italy, and doing consulting work. When open fields get changed to livable sceneries she usually does a rough first plan of trees, plants, lakes and small buildings in a MapMemo file, based on the cadastral plan.

A lot of photographers, travellers and researchers
and many more...


These are 50% real and 50% fictional users. Please send us your MapMemo case and as many informations as possible about what you use MapMemo for.


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